What We’re Doing To Keep You Safe In Regards to COVID-19

Although we haven’t seen you in a while, here at Ward Periodontics we have been hard at work over the last month doing a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure we keep you safe upon your return to our office. We have done countless hours of research and continuing education in order to stay abreast of the current recommendations and guidelines issued by the CDC and the ADA regarding COVID-19.  Many of the infection control guidelines have been in place at Ward Periodontics since the beginning of our practice; others will be new in order to keep us all as safe as possible.  Our top priority has always been the wellbeing and safety of our patients, our team and our community – now more so than ever!

We have already been doing the following things to keep you safe:

  • Sterilization of instruments after each use
  • Disinfection of operatory surfaces following each patient
  • Use of PPE by all team members for every procedure – including gloves, masks, glasses and gowns
  • Regular hand washing before and after putting gloves on and removing them
  • High volume suction used for surgical procedures
  • Pre-procedural antimicrobial rinse for each patient
  • Comprehensive medical history review for every patient
  • Cleaning of the entire office at the end of each day

We are implementing the following new or upgraded policies to keep you safe:

  • In-office air purification system – we have installed two air purifiers which filter the air every 30 minutes
  • Pre-appointment patient screening – all patients will be asked questions about any recent illnesses to prevent sick patients coming to the office
  • Daily Ward Perio Team temperature screening – team members will have their temperature taken at arrival and at lunch
  • Virtual/curbside waiting room – text or call when you arrive to be checked in; then we will text or call you back when it is your turn
  • Restriction of patient guests – patients will be asked to come to their appointments alone – only essential family members (i.e. parent/guardian for a minor or special-needs patient), translators, etc. will be permitted.  All other guests will be asked to wait in their car
  • Touchless temperature screening upon arrival – every patient who enters will have their temperature screened via a touchless infrared forehead thermometer
  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout the office – every patient will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering the office
  • Optional phone and keys UV sanitization – patients will be able to sanitize their cell phone and/or keys in the UV case to kill germs that are living on these items
  • Addition of a second pre-procedural rinse – in addition to the standard antimicrobial rinse, each patient will also rinse with a hydrogen peroxide rinse which has been shown effective against the COVID-19 virus in a patient’s mouth 
  • Use of high volume evacuation (suction) for hygiene procedures – we will be using high volume evacuation to reduce aerosols created by our instruments by up to 95% on every patient and every procedure
  • Additional Clinician PPE – every clinician will use either an N95 or Level 3 surgical mask, a face shield, a scrub cap and a PPE gown for every procedure, which will be discarded and replaced or disinfected between every patient
  • Contactless payments – patients will no longer need to hand their credit cards to our admin team for copay/fee processing

As you can see, our time out has very much been a “time-in” working on the practice instead of in it.  Guidelines and recommendations are ever changing as new information about this virus continues to become known.  Rest assured, we are on it and we will be ready to hit the ground running when the time comes!  We can’t wait to welcome you back!