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Continuing Education

The Ward Periodontics Team is passionate about staying current on the latest dental topics and research, promoting new ideas, and putting forward-thinking, evidence-based practices in motion. We also love working with other dental teams to provide outstanding care to our mutual patients. We believe that collaborative care between dental professionals truly provides patients with the highest level of care achievable. Dr. Ward had a vision for a meeting of dental professionals emphasizing our commitment to collaborative care, and promoting the spirit of life-long learning among members of our local community. As a result, the Ward Perio Hygiene Collaborative was born.

Our continuing education group is open to all dental team members. We promote collaborative learning and we hope to foster relationships between dental professionals in our community through this process. We strive for an open environment of professional respect where questions and feedback are welcomed and encouraged. Our goal is to provide ongoing, high quality dental continuing education close to home regarding current and relevant topics.

Upcoming Events

We are excited to offer upcoming CE events for our dental community. We are working with a variety of Continuing Dental Education providers to provide relevant, educational, and cost free continuing education for our dental colleagues. Here are some of our upcoming events:

Thursday, August 10th, 2023
Andre Shirdan

Andre will be providing us with a lecture on ethics and applying ethics throughout your practice in dentistry. This 2 hour lecture will meet requirements for state licensure.


KU Edwards Campus

Thursday, December 7th, 2023
Ashley Clark DDS, FACD

We’re excited to host Dr. Clark in Overland Park. She will be speaking to our group about Oral Pathology and common lesions seen intraorally.



Ashley Clark

All events will include dinner and beverages. Availability for each event limited, so please contact us to reserve time for you and your team. For more information, or to register for an event, reach out to us at erin@wardperio.com or call us at 913.563.7400

Advance your Hygiene Performance:

Comprehensive Perio Workshop & Team Protocol Development

Your patients are unique. Your team is unique.

Your perio protocol should be too.


Join us for a one-of-a-kind comprehensive perio workshop. Our expert clinical guidance and perio systems coaching is uniquely tailored to help you and your team develop a customized protocol that will help you:

– Schedule smarter and maximize production

– Reduce amount of outsourced cases

– Create customized standards for your team

– Develop verbal skills & increase case acceptance

Over the course of this 2 day workshop, we will walk through every part of your ideal hygiene perio protocol, and help you develop a framework to implement it with your team.

Our workshop is designed with a whole-team approach in mind. We will help you and your team create a collaborative, team-based approach to patient care that begins with the diagnosis process, and transitions smoothly from hygienist to doctor to admin through seamless handoffs.

Through this approach we empower you and your team to instill value in your work to your patients by creating cohesion in your diagnosis and verbal skills, and streamlining your workflows from the beginning of the appointment (diagnosis) to the end (case presentation).

This workshop is highly individualized to meet the needs of your team. Because of this we are only able to accept a limited amount of teams per workshop.

Next workshop date(s): September 14-15th, 2023


Partnership Opportunities

At Ward Perio Hygiene Collaborative, we strive to offer high quality continuing education. As a part of this, we partner with consumer healthcare companies to create a learning environment accessible to all of our professional dental community members. 

If you are interested in learning more about our sponsorship opportunities, or would like to contribute, please contact us at emma@wardperio.com 

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