Overland Park Oral Cancer Biopsy

You will have an oral cancer screening during every exam at Ward Periodontics. During that screening process, our team looks at your neck, thyroid, lips, tongue, and all other oral tissues for abnormalities, including growths, red and/or white patches (leukoplakia), or areas of irritation. If we find an abnormality, we may recommend a biopsy of the area.

A biopsy involves removing a small section within the area of concern when the area is numbed with local anesthesia. We also remove a small section of normal tissue adjacent to the site for comparison.. Stitches may or may not be required, depending on the biopsy site. We typically like to schedule a one-week postoperative visit after a biopsy to make sure the site is healing well. The biopsy samples are sent to be reviewed under a microscope by an oral pathologist. Our office works exclusively with University of Missouri, Kansas City, Department of Oral Pathology located at the School of Dentistry. It typically takes 2 weeks to receive a report back from oral pathology. Our office will call with tests results, but we are happy to meet with you in person to answer all of your questions and concerns.