Overland Park Deep Dental Cleaning & Scaling

Deep cleaning and scaling (also known as scaling and root planing) is often the first step in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease. The Perioscope can also be used in conjunction to provide detailed images of the root of the tooth in real time during treatment.

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Infected gum with tartar buildup

Infected gum with tartar buildup

Removal of the infection

Removal of the infection

What's happing below the gums

Removal of Tartar buildup below the gum line

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and Root Planing, or “deep cleaning,” is the process of removing bacteria filled plaque and tartar from tooth root surfaces down deep in periodontal pockets. This is generally the first step in the treatment of periodontal disease and is typically performed by our hygiene department using local anesthesia.

We’ll schedule a reevaluation appointment 4-6 weeks after scaling and root planing is finished. This is a critical step in managing periodontal disease. During this appointment, you will meet with one of our advanced practice dental hygienists to evaluate and review results.

Scaling and root planing may be the only treatment that is needed to stabilize periodontal disease, however, surgical follow-up may be necessary to achieve ideal and maintainable results. Achieving maintainable results is the key to lifelong disease stability.

If the desired results are achieved with scaling and root planing alone, then maintenance therapy is started. You will always be susceptible to the recurrence of periodontal disease, so maintenance and ideal oral hygiene is key. We will recommend a schedule for maintenance appointments that will be critical for you to follow for life-long whole body and dental health.

Advanced Scaling and Root Planing using Perioscopy

The Perioscope is a miniature camera that can be placed below the gum line to assist in the scaling process. Traditional scaling only allows for removal of plaque and tartar through tactile or touch sensitivity. Perioscopy allows for visualization of the tooth root and aides in the effectiveness of tartar removal. The periscope can also be used as an aide in the diagnosis of various oral health issues below the gumline such as root fractures. Many times we can diagnose and treat areas that previously required surgery to a maintainable level using perioscopy.

Simplifying Periodontal Treatment With the Fotona LightWalker Laser

Periodontal therapy can now be done with little to no discomfort thanks to the Fotona LightWalker Laser. Because there is no loud drilling or jarring vibrations with this technology, it is a great option for patients with dental anxiety. You will be able to sit back and relax during the brief treatment. The laser is able to quickly and effectively remove plaque and tartar during deep cleanings, making the treatment simple and more comfortable. The Fotona LightWalker Laser also reduces gum trauma, minimizes swelling during treatment, and expedites the healing process. This all means a greater success rate and reduced or eliminated tooth-loss through effective periodontal treatment.