Overland Park Dental Implant Repair

Ward Periodontics is able to diagnose, maintain and treat infections and repair bone loss around dental implants.

The importance of dental implant maintenance

For most patients, dental implants typically require the same amount of daily care as natural teeth. However, if you have a history of periodontal disease or lost your natural teeth from periodontal disease, then you may be at risk for bone loss around your dental implants (peri-implantitis).

Peri-implantitis is a bacterial disease that occurs around dental implants in a similar manner to periodontal disease. However, peri-implantitis disease causes bone loss at a much quicker rate. It also is generally a painless disease until the later stages.

Implant maintenance appointments are critical to evaluate your dental implants and catch the development of diseases early before infection and bone loss develop. Disease caught early is easy to treat, whereas disease caught late can be time consuming and expensive to treat. It is even possible to lose an implant due to peri-implantitis if it is beyond the scope of current treatment modalities. Protect your investment and make sure that you keep your dental implants maintained.

Repair of dental implants (Implant complications)

Finding out that you have bone loss or infection around your dental implant(s) can be devastating. However, bone loss and infection can often be treated. Methods for the treatment of diseased dental implants is a quickly expanding field. New treatments, bone grafting procedures, and growth factors are available to help treat implant complications. However, there are times when dental implants cannot be treated due to extensive infection, bone loss, or fracture and require removal or replacement.