Overland Park Sedation Dentistry

If you’re having dental implants placed to restore your teeth, you may be wondering how you’ll get through your oral surgery without pain, discomfort, or anxiety.

Dental treatment and surgery can be stressful and intimidating. That’s why, at Ward Periodontics, LLC, Dr. Audra Ward offers both IV sedation and general anesthesia. With our sedation dentistry options, you will feel relaxed and sleep through your entire procedure while you get the care you need. Learn more below, or schedule your appointment in Overland Park now by giving us a call at (913) 563-7400

Why Choose Sedation? The Most Common Reasons

Sedation is necessary for several of the procedures we perform at Ward Periodontics. But we have two options, IV Sedation and General Anesthesia, and will make our best recommendations on which is appropriate for you based on your medical history and the treatment you are undergoing. 

Sedation may also help you through dental anxiety. Anxiety about going to the dentist affects about 15% of all adults. It’s very common to be nervous or to feel uncomfortable before you see the dentist and sedation can help you overcome that fear.

Most importantly, sedation helps you stay comfortable throughout procedures. You won’t feel pain because you’ll likely sleep through your treatment, depending on the sedation method you choose. It’s really useful for long or complex dental procedures, like full arch implants, as you will stay still and comfortable throughout the entire appointment.

IV Sedation – Stay Comfortable During Your Procedure

We offer IV sedation at our office, which allows us to fine-tune your dosage, and provides better control than oral sedation with a pill. You’ll get an IV in your arm with a saline solution and a strong sedative medicine. As soon as the medicine is released, you will feel drowsy and your level of consciousness will be reduced. Most patients fall asleep during treatment with IV sedation and forget the majority of the procedure after being sedated. However, you will not be totally unconscious. You can still be roused, if necessary. 

General Anesthesia – Sleep Through Your Appointment

General anesthesia is the deepest state of sedation. You will be completely unconscious and unresponsive, and you will need a ventilator to help you breathe, as you will not be able to breathe on your own.

At Ward Periodontics, LLC, Dr. Audra Ward typically only uses general anesthesia for the most complex, difficult-to-treat cases. Because you will need a ventilator to help you breathe, this can make it harder to work in your mouth. 

Am I A Good Candidate For Sedation?

Dr. Ward will discuss your medical history and overall health with you before any treatment is planned. With that information, she will determine which sedation options are right for you and make her recommendation. To learn more about your options, contact us for a consultation today.