Overland Park DNA Testing

The story your saliva can tell.

The story your saliva can tell.
You swish. You spit. Out comes information to direct your periodontal and systemic health.

Did you know that we can test to see if you are genetically susceptible to periodontal disease (and cardiovascular disease)? It’s called the IL-1 genotype, and it escalates the body’s response to inflammation. If you test positive for this gene, then you need to pay particular attention to your dental and cardiovascular health because it increases your risk for periodontal disease, heart attack, and stroke.

We can also look at the bacteria in your mouth through saliva. Using high-tech DNA analysis, we can look at the levels of the eleven top periodontal pathogens. If your periodontal disease does not respond to traditional therapies, then this simple saliva test provides valuable insight to direct our care moving forward.

Steps in the DNA test collection process

1. Swish with saline for 30 seconds

2. Spit saline in a funnel

3. Review report in 1-2 weeks and answer all your questions.

Oral Cancer Facts

1. 41,000 people in the US are diagnosed yearly with oral cancer.

2. There are approximately 12,000 deaths per year from oral cancer.

3. 66% of those diagnosed with oral cancer have disease that was found at a late stage (stage III or IV) when treatment is more difficult.

4. The traditional risk factors for oral cancer include excessive alcohol and tobacco use.

5. Oral HPV infection is strongly associated with oropharyngeal cancer among subjects with or without established risk factors of tobacco and alcohol use.