Overland Park Gum Grafting

Soft Tissue Grafting (Gum grafting, Connective Tissue Grafting)

Gum recession is a very common periodontal concern, and can be caused by aggressive tooth brushing/flossing, tooth position, periodontal disease and/or “thin” gums. When recession is noted, it is critical to realize that not only has the thick/protective gum been lost, but so has the underlying bone. If recession continues, then additional supporting bone will be lost, which can result in sensitivity, mobility, or even tooth loss.

Soft tissue grafting uses tissue to cover an exposed root surface and/or increases the amount of thick gum that you have. A pouch is made at the site of recession, while under local anesthesia, and either donor tissue or your own tissue is transferred to the pouch. This “new” gum tissue is then sutured in place.

There are generally options for using your own tissue or donor tissue. You may also be a candidate for the minimally-invasive Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation procedure. Dr. Ward can discuss which option is best suited for your situation.

How long will it take & what is involved?

The surgical process takes about 20 minutes per tooth. If consecutive, two or three teeth can be treated in about the same amount of time. Typical follow-up occurs at one week, one month, and two months after treatment. Dr. Ward may recommend yearly recession checks if you have generally “thin” tissues, have many recessions, or are diagnosed with recession at a young age.

Look at your smile in the mirror. Are your gums receding? If so book an appointment with Ward Periodontics today to have your gums treated and restored!

Risk factors for gum recession

  • Periodontal disease
  • Aggressive brushing
  • Aggressive flossing
  • Tooth position
  • “Thin” gums