I have missing teeth.

Why do I need to replace a lost tooth?

Having missing teeth doesn’t seem like a big deal on the surface, but
even a single missing tooth can create big problems in the future.
Here are few of the concerns about missing teeth:

  • Your jaw bone can shrink, affecting your appearance and decreasing the amount of available bone for future tooth replacement.
  • The adjacent teeth can move into the site of the missing tooth and block out the ability to replace the missing tooth easily.
  • Missing teeth can affect your nutrition and general health. Digestion starts in your mouth, and when you are missing teeth, chewing function declines.
  • Missing teeth can affect your mental health and enjoyment in life.
  • Missing teeth may decrease your lifespan.

Teeth are designed to work in concert with one another. Every tooth matters.

Treatment and how we can help

If you have missing teeth, it is important to see a dental professional promptly. We offer tooth replacement options that can prevent further issues and make chewing and eating easier and more enjoyable.

Reclaim your smile today!