Overland Park Multi-Tooth Implants

Multiple tooth implants may be the solution for you if you are missing several teeth but your remaining teeth, bone, and gums are healthy. There are many ways to combine your natural teeth with dental implants to restore your smile and chewing function. A common example is pictured (below) where two dental implants are used to replace three missing teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

    1. When cared for properly, dental implants can last a lifetime and can be a very good investment.
    2. They help maintain your jawbone height and width after losing a tooth so there is no gradual loss of bone volume that can make future restoration of the area more difficult. Bone loss can also make dentures more and more difficult to wear over time.
    3. They stay put. There is no movement or shifting of teeth that are attached to dental implants.
    4. They require similar maintenance and function like natural teeth. There is no extra work or products to buy.

There may be times when you have too few remaining teeth or those teeth are in positions that may not work for multiple implants. In these situations, an All-On-Four type procedure may be the best option for you.

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Reasons you might not be a
good candidate for Multi-Tooth Implants

  • You have uncontrolled periodontal disease (an infection that causes gum and bone loss).
  • You have systemic medical conditions that compromise your bone health or ability to heal properly.
  • You have uncontrolled diabetes.
  • You are not willing to commit to the required maintenance of a dental implant.
  • You don’t have the bone volume necessary for dental implant placement. Many times this can be overcome with bone grafting techniques.
  • You are too young. You must be fully grown to be a candidate for dental implants. Age 18 for females and 21 for males.

Are Multi-Tooth Implants right for me?

Dental implants may be a great solution for your missing teeth. Here are reasons to consider dental implants as part of your overall dental care:

  • The success rate for dental implants is high.
  • Implants do not get cavities.
  • Implants do not require treatment of teeth next to the implant site like a dental bridge.
  • Implants are “fixed” in place and do not come in and out of your mouth.
  • An implant looks and feels like a natural tooth.
  • Implants can help preserve your jawbone over time.
  • An implant can be used to restore one tooth or an entire smile.

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The typical timeline for Multi-Tooth Implant placement is as follows:

  • Extraction of tooth to be replaced with bone preservation.
  • Healing period of 8-12 weeks for bone growth and development.
  • Placement of the implant “screw” portion.
  • Healing period of 8-12 weeks for development and fusion of bone to the implant surface.
  • Restoration of the implant(s) with crown, bridge or denture by your dentist.

Using X-Guide for Better Implant Placement

An X-Guide machine is a surgical navigation unit that uses a light and a camera to detect real-time changes and provides vital information to guide the implantation process. It produces 3D, real-time navigation for dental implants. Unlike the printed guided process, there is no extended turnaround time, so same-day guided surgery is a reality. 

Benefits of X-Guide

Using an X-Guide machine during the implantation process helps Dr. Ward to better assess how to place the implant. Not only does this simplify the process for Dr. Ward, but it also makes it easier for you! The benefits of this procedure include:

  • Quicker Treatment
    • With more control over the entire dental implant process, X-Guide allows for quicker, more accurate placement. This means you can spend less time in the dental chair!
  • More Precise Treatment
    • There is no guesswork with X-Guide implant mapping. Dr. Ward will be able to avoid tender nerves and find the optimal insertion point with precise accuracy, which means less trauma at the insertion site and quicker healing so you can get back to your normal life!
  • More Affordable 
    • X-Guide mapping is just a fraction of the cost of traditional implant guided dentistry.