What is Gingivitis? Am I at risk?

What is gingivitis? Gingivitis is a disease caused by an excess of plaque on the teeth. When plaque grows, so does bacteria; and when too much bacteria is present, the immune system sends products that cause gums to swell up and even bleed. Gingivitis itself does not produce any bone loss; but if left untreated, periodontitis may develop, resulting in bone and tooth loss.

Being aware of the primary risk factors associated with gingivitis can help you prevent gingivitis and periodontitis in the future.

Here are 6 factors that may cause you to develop gingivitis.

1. Crowded Teeth
Plaque grows in tight spaces, where it can be increasingly difficult to brush and floss. If you have crowded teeth, it’s important that you take great care of your teeth and your oral health. It may also be advantageous to see an orthodontist, in order to determine what can be done to keep teeth spaced properly.

2. Poor Crown and Filling Fittings
A good specialist is able to provide a crown or filling that fits your tooth well. However, sometimes you may have a bad fit, and this can become a risk factor for plaque and calculus developing. If you have a troublesome crown or filling, it is recommended that you meet with your provider and identify a solution.

3. Poor Dental Care
If you do not have access to quality dental care or if you fail to visit a dental professional routinely, you are at risk of gingivitis. Frequent cleanings are recommended to ensure that plaque and calculus don’t develop.

4. Poor Oral Home Care
Brushing/flossing twice daily and maintaining good eating habits are key in preventing gingivitis. Your dental professional can provide you with cleanings and examinations, but they cannot manage the way in which you treat your mouth and oral health.

5. Medical Conditions
There are certain medical conditions that may also contribute to gingivitis. Diabetes and Down’s Syndrome are two conditions that cause some to be at risk.

6. Genetics
If gingivitis or periodontal disease runs in your family, you may also be at risk. This might make your path to preventing gingivitis more difficult; but with proper oral home care and frequent maintenance, you give yourself the best opportunity to prevent periodontal disease.

Avoid gingivitis and periodontitis all together. Start by scheduling an oral examination with Ward Periodontics today!