How do I keep my dental implant healthy

If you’re a candidate for a dental implant, it’s important to understand the regular maintenance that an implant requires. At minimum, dental implants need the same amount of care as natural teeth do!

Here are a few tips for maximizing the life of your implant.

1. Brush!

Remember to brush twice your implant (as well as all teeth) daily with a soft or extra-soft toothbrush.

2. Consider Using an Interdental Brush

Interdental brushes are key in maintaining dental implants. Floss may not work as well if implant threads are exposed because it is not able to get under those threads. Interdental brushes provide a flexible sweeping action that can be more effective at plaque removal.

3. Think “Round”

When cleaning your implant on a daily basis, think round. A dental implant has a round shape, whereas a natural tooth has a triangle or rectangle shape. Imagine that round shape in your mind as you run through your home care process, making sure you clean all surfaces.

4. Listen to Your Periodontist!

Your dental professional will provide you with instructions on how to maintain your dental implant. If you develop disease around your implant it can progress quickly. Not following treatment recommendations can result is infection and/or the loss of your dental implant.

5. See Your Provider Regularly

See the provider who placed your implant on at least a yearly basis. They will make sure the bone level and pocket depth around your implant is stable. They will also check the crown on your implant, your bite and how it contacts the neighboring teeth.

6. Watch for Bleeding

It’s important to monitor any abnormalities concerning your dental implant. If you notice any bleeding around the area of your implant, you should seek the care of a periodontist quickly.

Following these 6 tips in conjunction with your periodontist’s instructions will ensure that you maintain a healthy implant for years to come!

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