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About Your Dental Benefit Plan

We will do everything we can to maximize your dental benefit plan. However, it is important to keep in mind that the contract between an individual and their insurance company is purely a financial contract. It has nothing to do with well-being or dental health.

We want you to understand that we do not diagnose or offer treatment options based on your dental benefit coverage. All dental benefit companies and policies are different and handled differently. No plan will cover all of your dental expenses, but we have multiple options to help you afford the periodontal care you want and need to bring you back to 100 percent.

We will give you an estimated cost of treatment based on information that your benefit plan has provided to us. Our number one priority is to run a periodontal office dedicated to your best interests!

Assuring your Comfort
We want you to be as comfortable as possible when in our office for treatment. Most of our procedures are performed with local anesthesia. Depending on the patient and procedure, other options are available such as oral sedation, or Intravenous sedation.

Infection Control
Your health is our primary concern. We strictly follow “universal precautions” for each of our patients as required by the American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control.